EasyCharge Series solar Charger MPPT


Aluminium frame wiht High Corrosion resistance, multi crest tracing technique design to maximise charging under shadow conditions.  Built-in maximum power point tracking algorithm with charging efficiency of 99.9%.  Four stage charging order mode:  MPPT-equalising charging-boost,  charging-float.  Current-limiting charging mode, when the power of solar panel is over-sized and charging current exceeds the rated current.  Serial communication for remote monitoring.   Controller is parallelable and can work in tandem to charge the same battery bank.  Autovoltage 36V/48V auto identified.  Support data storage 1 years.  LCD screen monitoring.  Built-in temperature sensor, compensation functin to adjust the charge and discharge parameters automatic.  Includes over-charge, over-discharge, over-Load, over-heart, battery reverses connection protection.  TVS Lighting protection

Controller 60Amp 48vdc

SKU: ML4860