• Maximize your self-consumption of solar power. Panels convert sunlight into electricity that charges E-KwBe for your home load. 
  • Load shifting  Bridge the gap between peak solar and peak demand, avoid pany heavy peak power charges to utility grid
  •   Back-up Power.  Assures power in the event of an outage
  • Super Compatibility . Compatible with the main inverter solutions on the market
  • Save the Environment. Maximize the use of free energy from the sun and lower the costly fossil fuel from the grid.   

E-KWBE 5.6KWH Lithium Ion Battery Pack

SKU: E-KWBE 5.6KWH Lithium Ion Battery Pack
  • Model E-KwBE NC/S 2.5kWh E-KwBE NC/S 5.6kWh
    Norminal Capacity (subject to Compatible inverter)  2.5WH 5.6kWh
    Total Energy 2.75kWh 6.2kWh
    DOD (of Total Energy) 90% 90%
    Cell Technology NCM NCM
    Continuous current at 25oC 25A 50A
    Peak pulse current at 10s <150A <300A
    Peak pulse current at 100ms <250A <500A
    Continuous current at 45oC 20A 40A
    Efficiency >97% >97%
    Voltage                                                                                                                   47V - 60.5V DC          
    Nominal Voltage                       55.5V DC
    Maximum charging voltage                          63V
    Environment Temperature               Indoor or Outdoor             FROM -20oC to 45oC
       Dimension (L x W x H)                                   669x452x127mm 700x530x172mm
    Weight              25kg          47.5kg
    Shell Material                                    Aluminum (Chassis) + Polly Carbonate (Front Cover)
    Colour Blue, Red gold, Green, White, Gray
    Intallation Method           Wall Mountede
    IP Rating IP54
    Humanity <95%
    Altitude <3000m
    Maximum of Series - Paralled 8 (based on inverter Funciton)
    Warenty 7 Years (daily Cycle
    Life Span >10 Years
    Communication Mode CAN
    Protection Mode Triple Harware Protection (relay, softstart, fuse) and BMS Software
    Battery Protection Over-current, Over-voltage, Short circuity Under-voltage, Over-temperature, Revese polarity
    Certification CE, TUV, FCC, SCA
    Matched Hybrid Inverter Sungrow SH5k, Goodwe GW5048D-ES, Goodwe BP



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