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Elgris Basic


Fuel Saving Board for PvD applications

The elgris BASIC controller measures the power from the grid or generator. In applications where the load is relative constant and equally dived over the three phases, a single phase measurement on the lowest phase is a good solution.

The controller reduce the output of the solar system by adjusting the set point of the inverter.


When the generator is not running, the feed in protection is triggered and becomes active. When the generator is running and powering the load, the controller prevents the generator from running in a non optimum point of load and thus from high fuel consumption and avoids serious damages due to the low load.

Elgris ZERO


Monitoring and Anti Export Control Board

With increasing utility regulations for export control in residential and medium size commercial PV systems, the elgris ZERO EXPORT controller is the perfect solution!

Export limitation means that the amount of solar energy in the system is controlled by adjusting the set point of the inverters in the system. The integrated power analyser measures the total power at the point of coupling and compares this with the adjustable set point of the controller. When the consumption from the grid is above this set point, the solar energy will be increased, when the consumption is below this set point, the solar energy will be reduced.

The elgris ZERO EXPORT controller is available as a single or three phase device and accepts also up to ten different types of inverters and manufactures. The ZERO EXPORT combines a power analyser, data logger and controller into one device. By linking three devices in one elgris developed a new generation of single component solution. At any time, the ZERO EXPORT prevents the solar system from feeding in to the grid.
This greatly reduces the costs for the system and space needed.

list is growing every day!

The ZERO EXPORT controller supports a large number of different inverter manufacturers

Please query any other brands since inverters list is growing every day!

Elgris Cloud Monitoring


Online Dashboard for Production Monitoring

Get real time data for production and consumption from your site by using the free Cloud Dashboard provided by the Elgris Cloud.

Realtime information to validate system production, behavior and troubleshoot early onset of troubles at your system.

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