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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Would I be completely offgrid with these systems?

A: The Solar system will produce most or all the energy your home requires during the day, depending on the size of system you could achieve a very large portion of your consumption from Solar plus the cool fact you wave good-bye to load shedding!

Q: How long is the pay back period for the system?

A: System finance is based on a 5 years repayment plan, but don't stress, at an average increase of your energy cost of 15% the energy savings pay your system really quickly

Q: How about aftersales service?

A: EasyPower is vertically integrated. what this means to you? We import, produce, install and repair our own equipment. All our resources are in-house and our product is exclusively distributed by us allowing us proper lifetime planning of spares and repairs. Plus we will be around for many years into the future. 

Q: Why shall we choose EasyPower? There are soooo many people offering these systems?

A: EasyPower was not established as part of the recent Solar Gold rush, at the contrary EasyPower is a group of passionate people which for 10 years have installed thousands of solar systems all over South Africa. Plus! our google reviews speak for themselves with a 4.6 Star average and hundreds of reviews on record.

Q: Would I be able to sale energy to the grid? is your equipment compliant?

A: Yes, our REVO series of equipment are NRS097 certified and can be used to trade energy with your energy supplier, plus these come with a 10 years extended warranty!.

Q: How about heavy appliances on my house, would I be able to use them with these systems?

A: Yes and No, depending at the size of your inverter you may or not be able to use some of these large appliances during load shedding. The good news is that the system is super intelligent and can share excess Solar energy during the day with these large appliances.

Q: How about Pumps? I need my borehole to work on Solar

A: Not a problem, most of our product offerings can support small borehole and booster pumps without a problem.

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