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High Pressure Solar Geysers

A properly installed Solar Geyser is an excellent investment. Energy Savings of up to 100% in Summer and 40% in winter are easily achievable. With Strong Stainless Steel construction and SABS approved is a sound investment!

Do you want to know more about our offers on Solar geyser Kits?

Geyser Retrofits

Your existent geyser can be upgraded to solar effortlessly. Simply purchase one of our kits or quote for a turnkey service and install a retrofit kit t make your geyser Solar and start Saving.

How it works? Simple, the supplied AC or DC pump circulates water from the geyser into the heat collector at the roof. A micro controller monitors the temperature of the water to make sure that only hot water is circulated to the tank. 

PV Retrofit Option

This is a simple option where the Heating element at the Geyser Tank is replaced with a hybrid AC and DC element which can be powered by Solar PV Modules installed on your roof. This can be used in parallel with a retrofit kit and enhance production of hot water during the winter months while reducing power consumption to a minimum!

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