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GD100 Series

  • Comprehensive voltage level and power range

  • Support single phase/three phase 220V, and three phase 380V solar water pump inverter,

  • Power from 0.4kW to 110KW

  • Easy to use simply connect the photovoltaic panel to the inverter, no need to set any parameters

  • Multiple protection measures

  • Advanced MPPT algorithm ensure solar power tracking efficiency can reach 99%

  • Boost module available for extended pumping times (2.2KW and below)

  • GPRS remote monitoring Supports optional GPRS module,

  • Monitoring App available

  • AC/DC switching scheme All series of products can realize automatic switching of PV input and grid AC input, for seamless 24hrs service.

  • IP54 solution possible

  • Many accessories Available for the GD100

  • Auto AC Switch Relay board

  • PV Booster

  • RS485 Communication

  • GSM Communication Module

GD100 Configuration Video


BPD Series

  • Support single-phase & 3 phase 220V pump

  • Achieve 99% MPPT efficiency by advanced control algorithms

  • Reduce the cost of PV panel( Up to 8 pieces) with Built-in Boost Module

  • Support GPRS module to achieve remote control by using the APP

  • Protection class IP65 and fanless system design, with convenient installation and free maintenance advantages

  • Integrate multiple protection functions to extend service life, like over-voltage protection, PV polarity reverse warning, auto-derating against over-temperature etc

  • IP65 solar pump inverter

  • Control the start/stop of pump system remotely via PC, mobile or tablet;

  • Remote monitoring of the device state and running data of  pump system;

  • Notification of fault type and fault cause via SMS, mail or cloud dashboard;

  • Remote analysis of faults information

  • Vivid and clear interface display.

  • Real time pumping volumes calculation

Cloud Monitoring App

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