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Solar Tracking Solutions

Sigma™ positioning system, the standardized data interface for large-scale PV systems

Sat Control Sigma™ positioning system offers large-scale plants and PV power utility stations an effective communication and monitoring solution between key components by binding them in a joint-control system which enables simple and reliable data exchange and transparent monitoring.

Sigma™ solar server sets new communication standards in the field of automation technology and in conjunction with Sat Control solar positioner Nano-D™ creates a complete integrated solution for controlling, monitoring, diagnosis as well as configuration of any utility-scale PV plant. The system is also compatible with all major third party component and application providers.

Key features:

  • Visualization, control and monitoring for large-scale plants

  • Integration of Sat Control equipment into existing control-room technology

  • Data interface in accordance with the MODBUS communication standards in the field of automation technology

  • Simple and fast installation, high reliability

  • Meets the requirements of the EU Low-Voltage Directive for grid safety management

  • Compatibility with all major third party component/application providers

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